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Easy to use API.

Azkarra Streams is a lightweight Java framework which makes easy to develop and operate Kafka Streams applications (Azkarra is Basque word for "Fast")


  • No more boilerplate code for running Kafka Streams.
  • Easy externalization of configurations (using Typesafe Config).
  • Web UI for topologies visualization.
  • Provides REST endpoints for managing and monitoring local streams instances.
  • Provides REST endpoints for Interactive Queries.
  • Encryption and Authentication with SSL or Basic Auth.

Developer-friendly features

  • REST API for Interactive Queries
  • Embedded Web UI (DAG visualization)
  • Auto create topics


  • Healthcheck
  • Metrics (Prometheus, JSON)
  • Dead Letter Topic
  • RocksDB Tuning


  • Headless Mode
  • TLS/SSL Encryption
  • Basic Authentication
  • Client Certification Authentication

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