Connect FilePulse 2.1 is Available 🚀

This new release contains a number of bug fixes and improvements that make ConnectFilePulse more stable and resilient in production.

Full Release Notes

Connect File Pulse 2.1 can be downloaded from the GitHub Releases Page.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • f1c071e refactor(plugin): change default value of offset.attributes.string to uri (#154)
  • d8aac2b refactor(plugin): enhance error handling when file do not exist anymore
  • 8a17051 fix(plugin): fix ClassCastException when offset.attributes.string=inode (#153)
  • defee21 fix(plugin): remove duplicate log when closing file iterator
  • 7897bcb fix(plugin): improve DefaultFileSystemMonitor to avoid scheduling files that may be cleanup by remaining tasks (#152)
  • 28456db fix(plugin): fix task must close resources on error while starting
  • ddf8b86 fix(api): fix DeadLock on KafkaStateBackingStore
  • 370a1d6 fix(filesystems): fix FileSystemMonitorThread should not fail if file metadata cannot be retrieved (#150)
  • e9462c8 fix(plugin): fix NPE using version 2.0 with KafkaFileObjectStateBackingStore (#149)


  • 1b72a96 docs(site): fix syntax for ’exists’ ScEL Built-in Function (#148)
  • 7da7e41 docs(site): fix documentation error for StateBackingStore (#147)


  • ec70611 build(deps): bump commons-io from 2.5 to 2.7
  • aa62022 fix(script): fix docker-compose for debugging
  • 2723516 refactor(build): add mvn profiles for different storages
  • c1da2f8 refactor(build): improve makefile and add utility script for debugging
  • 54ba1e5 build(maven): add meta info

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