Connect FilePulse 2.3 is Released 🚀

This new release brings new capabilities and several bug fixes and improvements that make ConnectFilePulse still the more powerful Kafka Connect-based solution for processing files.

Full Release Notes

Connect File Pulse 2.3 can be downloaded from the GitHub Releases Page.

New Features

3da6a5b feat(filesystems): add the capability to configure alternative AWS S3 endpoint (#172) 608d1c2 feat(plugin): add new prop to cleanup on offset commit f6b443a feat(api): allow to configure a record-value schema befbc6f feat(filters): add new NullValueFilter (#169) d86804b feat(plugin): add new config 39c37d9 feat(plugin): add new prop to configure if task should halt on error (#164) 7c219b8 feat(filesystems/api): enhance XMLFileInputReader to support data type inference (#163)

Improvements & Bugfixes

5314e20 fix(filters): DelimtedRowFileInputFilter should compute schema for each record (#171) 816f48a fix(filters): fix AppendFilter to set record-value to null (#167) d2e776b fix(api): fix connector should accept nullable record-cord (#170) 2266fc1 fix(expression): fix SCEL expression null


20983dd docs(site): fix documentation typos on metadata access (#165) 4eef25f docs(site): add missing config prop

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