Connect FilePulse 2.4 is Released 🚀

I am pleased to announce the release of Connect FilePulse 2.4. This release brings new built-in expression functions, processing filters as well as some minor improvements and bug fixes.

Simple Connect Expression Language

This release packs with new built-in functions to enrich the powerful expression language provided by connect FilePulse:

Boolean Functions

andChecks if all of the given conditional expressions are true.
gtExecutes “greater than operation” on two values and returns true if the first value is greater than the second value, false, otherwise.
ifEvaluates the given boolean expression and returns one value if true and another value if false.
ltExecutes “less than operation” on two values and returns true if the first value is less than the second value, false, otherwise.
notReverses a boolean value
orChecks if at least one of the given conditional expressions is true.

Date and time Functions

timestamp_diffCalculates the amount of time between two epoch times in seconds or milliseconds. For more information on unit see ChronoUnit.
to_timestampParses a given string value and returns the epoch-time in milliseconds.
unix_timestampReturns the current time in milliseconds.

These new functions allows for specifying more complex conditions on configured Processing Filters. For example, we can use them to remove all records retrieved from files that are older than 24 hours.

filters.DropTooLateFiles.if="{{ gt(timestamp_diff('HOURS', $metadata.lastModified, unix_timestamp()), 24) }}"

XML Processing

XML is still widely used in legacy systems. To ease the integration of this data in Kafka, this release introduces two new Processing Filters: XmlToStructFilter and XmlToJsonFilter which can be used in addition to the existing XMLFileInputReader.


This processing filter can be used to parse and convert an XML file that you read, for example, using the LocalBytesArrayInputReader into a Struct record. This filter should be preferred to the XMLFileInputReader when you need to deal with invalid XML files.

For example, you may want to send invalid XML files into specific Dead Letter Topic.



This processing filter can be used to parse and convert an XML file that you read, for example, using the LocalBytesArrayInputReader into a JSON string record.

Exception Context

When an exception occurs in the processing filter chain, Connect FilePulse allows you to access the context of the exception using the $error scope from the expression language. In previous versions, only the exception message was available (e.g., using $error.message). Now, you can retrieve the exception stacktrace as well as the exception class name using:

  • $error.exceptionMessage
  • $error.exceptionStacktrace
  • $error.exceptionClassName

The below examples shows how to add the exception information to teh record headers.

filters.AppendErrorMessageToHeader.value={{ $error.exceptionMessage }}
filters.AppendErrorStacktraceToHeader.value={{ $error.exceptionStacktrace }}
filters.AppendErrorClassNameToHeader.value={{ $error.exceptionClassName }}

Full Release Notes

Connect File Pulse 2.4 can be downloaded from the GitHub Releases Page.


  • 67683d5 feat(expression): add built-in SCeL expression function NOT
  • 7fea775 feat(dataformat): add config to specify a prefix used to prepend XML attributes (#176)
  • 4fc2cb9 feat(expression): add expression function TimestampDiff
  • 9d72e47 feat(expression): add expression function ToTimestamp
  • 0644cb9 feat(expressions): add built-in function ‘gt’ and ’lt’ to ScEL
  • e4375c8 feat(expressions): add built-in function ‘or’ and ‘and’ to ScEL
  • 28a6126 feat(expressions): add built-in function ‘if’ to ScEL
  • 4fe77fd feat(api): add access to error stacktrace in filter chain
  • b9c0a40 feat(dataformat): add new config prop to exclude node attributes in namespaces (#175)
  • 8f648c8 feat(dataformat): add new config props to exclude all XML attributes (#174)
  • 355b6e4 feat(expression): add UnixTimestamp expression function
  • 5a62f03 feat(filters): add new XmlToStructFilter
  • 9cad2fa feat(filters): add new simple XmlToJsonFilter
  • 0e29ce2 feat(plugin): add capability to merge schemas deriving from records

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • 165a908 refactor(expressions): allow functions to not evaluate all expression args
  • 4e9f84d fix(expressions): fix equals SCeL expression should support null argument (#187)
  • 7bdc787 fix(filesystems): fix regression on AmazonS3Client configuration (#184)
  • d76bac0 fix(plugin): refactor InMemoryFileObjectStateBackingStore to use an LRU cache (#183)
  • 50200f7 fix(plugin): fix resources must not be closed while files are not committed
  • 17e9efb fix(plugin): fix regression cleanup object files should not be rescheduled (#178)
  • e2f74b2 fix(api): fix schemas should be merged per target topic
  • 03bab9a fix(api): enhance mapping to connect schema to handle duplicate schema
  • 760d98b fix(filters): XmlToJson should support bytes input
  • 99c374f fix(api): fix schema behavior on array merge


  • e9cd483 fix(build): normalize artefact-ids
  • 2b8d260 refactor(filters): relocate json packages
  • 4d13731 refactor(filters): cleanup classes
  • f3179a7 refactor(expression): refactor expression function api
  • bf3fc31 refactor(expression): reorganize packages for built-in functions


  • 643469f site(docs): update documentations
  • be29aae docs(site): add new function descriptions
  • 2a9a119 docs(site): fix missing config property
  • 7533d2f docs(site): improve installation guide
  • 71a9ebe docs(site): add doc for defining schema

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