Alibaba OSS

Learn how to configure the AliyunOSSFileSystemListing to read files on Alibaba OSS.

The AliyunOSSFileSystemListing class can be used for listing files on Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service.

How to use it ?

Use the following property in your Connector’s configuration:



The following table describes the properties that can be used to configure the AliyunOSSFileSystemListing:

oss.access.key.idOSS access key idstring-HIGH
oss.secret.keyOSS secret keyint-HIGH
oss.endpointOSS access endpointstring-HIGH
oss.bucket.nameOSS bucket namestring-HIGH
oss.bucket.prefixOSS bucket prefixstring-HIGH
oss.max.connectionsOSS max connections.int1024HIGH
oss.socket.timeoutOSS connection timeout (in milliseconds).int10000HIGH
oss.connection.timeoutOSS connection timeout (in milliseconds).int50000HIGH
oss.max.error.retriesThe maximum number of retry attempts for failed retryable requests.int5HIGH
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