Learn how to configure the SftpFilesystemListing to read files on SFTP.

The SftpFilesystemListing class can be used for listing files on SFTP.

How to use it ?

Use the following property in your Connector’s configuration:



The following table describes the properties that can be used to configure the SftpFilesystemListing:

sftp.listing.hostHostname to connect tostring-HIGH
sftp.listing.portPort to connect toint21HIGH
sftp.listing.userSFTP usernamestring-HIGH
sftp.listing.passwordSFTP user credentialsstring-HIGH
sftp.listing.directory.pathThe input directory to scanstring-HIGH
sftp.listing.strict.host.key.checkString host key checkingstringnoHIGH
sftp.connection.timeoutSFTP connection timeout in millisstring-HIGH
sftp.connection.retriesSFTP connection retriesint5HIGH
sftp.connection.retries.delaySFTP connection delay between retries in millisint5000HIGH
Last modified March 16, 2024: ci: release version 2.14.0 🎉 (49999b8f)