How to install Connect File Pulse

Confluent Hub

Connect FilePulse can be installed directly from Confluent Hub using the Confluent Hub client .

The following command can be used to install the last version of the plugin available on the Confluent Hub:

$ confluent-hub install streamthoughts/kafka-connect-file-pulse:latest

Manual Installation

Connect FilePulse is distributed as a ZIP file which is compatible with the Confluent Hub client. All Connect FilePulse versions are available on the GitHub Releases Page.

To manually install the connector you can download the distribution ZIP file and extract all the dependencies under a target directory.

  1. Download the latest available version:
    $ export VERSION=2.3.0
    $ curl -sSL$VERSION/streamthoughts-kafka-connect-file-pulse-$
  2. Create a directory under the plugin.path on your Connect worker, e.g., connect-source-filepulse.
  3. Copy all of the dependencies under the newly created subdirectory.
  4. Restart the Connect worker.

Note: You can also use the Confluent Hub CLI for installing it.

$ confluent-hub install --no-prompt streamthoughts-kafka-connect-file-pulse-$