Learn how to configure the LocalFSDirectoryListing to read files from local filesystem.

The LocalFSDirectoryListing class can be used for listing files that exist in a local filesystem directory.

How to use it ?

Use the following property in your Connector’s configuration:



The following table describes the properties that can be used to configure the LocalFSDirectoryListing:

fs.listing.directory.pathThe input directory to scanstring-HIGH
fs.listing.recursive.enabledFlag indicating whether local directory should be recursively scannedbooleantrueMEDIUM
fs.delete.compress.files.enabledFlag indicating whether compressed file should be deleted after extractionbooleanfalseMEDIUM

Supported File types

The LocalFSDirectoryListing will try to detect if a file needs to be decompressed by probing its content type or its extension (javadoc : Files#probeContentType) Supported content-types are:

  • GZIP : application/x-gzip
  • TAR : application/x-tar
  • ZIP : application/x-zip-compressed or application/zip